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About ‘Lessons from the Road’

Road trips are great for self-reflection. Every expedition is another chance to leave that which no longer serves you in the rearview mirror. But, even then, sometimes you turn your head and it’s sitting right beside you. “I thought I dropped you over the side of the Grand Canyon!” LOL.

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The road. It’s a perfect metaphor for life. All the hairpin turns and switchbacks on an island avenue are like all of life’s challenges we don’t see coming. But, sometimes, if you grip the wheel tight and stay the course, you’ll discover an unexpected, secluded waterfall that seems like it was created just for you. Life is surprising that way. Some days you’re in the driver’s seat, and some days you’re riding shotgun. But one thing is for sure — you can’t change the road. Drive long enough and you will be confronted by traffic, roadblocks and detours. Sometimes you need to slow your roll. While I’ve learned so many life-changing lessons on road trips, none are more profound than this: What’s in the way is the way.

My love for the road is now a calling. I’ve decided to embark on an endless road trip with my ride-or-die boy @FlannelJack in our renovated school bus. There is something about a school bus that’s magical. Maybe it brings back the carefree days of childhood. Maybe it’s just bad-ass.

 The first road trip we took in our bus was euphoric. I’d never felt so free, as if I’d finally found my true self, my favorite self, my true north. Rolling down the highway with the windows down (all 15 of ’em!), there was something so restorative and liberating with the wind in my hair. From our elevated cab, high above the cars zigging and zagging before us, we have the best view of the road. Every road is an open road. That day, I danced in the back of the bus, giggling and jiggling with every bump in the road, wearing just a red-and-black checkered lumberjack shirt and my favorite knickers. It was pure freedom. Unburdened by my old stories, my past lives, my entrenched beliefs. I could see my life clearly, informed by the wisdom gifted from the divine. Every mile, I felt like I was mining for gold.

Every time Jack and I hit the road, there are life lessons. Everyone we meet along the way has a story, dreams and a message to impart. I like to unearth what they believe is beautiful where they live and what is beautiful in their hearts. The far-out gypsy girl in me is always curious why a given person enters my life. But mostly, we like to connect with others and celebrate the things that make us all the same.

In ‘Lessons from the Road”, I will share our wild adventures, the wisdom gleamed from our travels, lessons learned along the way and the exceeding generosity of strangers. See you out there.

Buckle-up, kitties, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! This is one kitty who gets feral out there on the road.

Happy Trails!