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About ‘Style’

Wherever we go, people say, “I love your style”. And then they ask, “What is it?”

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I’m a boho babe and full-time gypsy on an endless road trip, living in the school bus we converted into a tiny-house- on-wheels, with my ride-or-die @flanneljack. My style motto is #nothingbutthehits. I’m a California girl that grew up in a Moroccan commune. My style icon is my mother — the Strawberry Queen of the hippies in San Francisco. I’m a professional bellydancer and showgirl for life. I always look like I smell like patchouli (it’s in my hippie DNA) and leave behind a trail of sequins (that’s just baked in my showgirl cake). Most days I dress like a festival girl at Coachella. I’m all about power-clashing my prints. If Jack wants to work on our school bus, I wear my pin-up style overalls. Life is a costume party. I love vintage clothes and lingerie (but naked is best). My passport is my favorite fashion accessory. I wear my travels on my sleeve, mixing and matching those pieces I collect while following my wanderlust. Levis will always be my favorite brand of jeans. My only shoes are a pair of moccasins, Xtra-tuff boots, Converse “Chucks” and the sexiest patent red leather pumps you’ll ever see. But I’d rather be barefoot. My most beloved item is my mother’s strawberry-patched red overalls. There’s #nothingbutthehits in my wardrobe. That way, I feel like a bohemian babe no matter what I pull from the closet.

Everywhere I go — from our “skoolie” to a mountain campsite — I adorn with blankets and pillows. My Bulgarian gypsy heritage on full display.

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And books. I’m a huge book nerd and books are everywhere in our tiny house — books in the bedroom and books in the bathroom, hidden in the pantry and wedged under the driver’s seat. Flannel Jack says I “decorate with books.” Nothing looks better. I believe in minimalism (pretty much a given inside a tiny house), but make any space warm with the treasures from our travels.

I love the outdoors, camping and road trips. But wherever I go, I bring along Camping Kitty style. Just because you’re “roughing it” doesn’t mean you’ve got to look like it.